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"A chicane is used to shift the course and manage overall direction."


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From Steven Tyler to Steve Wozniak: The Woman Rocking ‘The Silicon Valley of The North’

SEPTEMBER 28, 2016 Warning to residents of the Waterloo region of Ontario: for the next four days, things are going to get really loud. The inaugural FUZEnation technology and music summit has kicked off, bringing together visionary business leaders, tech innovators and the most forward-thinking artists in music. On the eve of opening day, I spoke with co-founder Rebecca (Lambrecht) Warfield about the festival and what attendees can expect. Beacher: In a nutshell, what is FUZEnation? Warfield: Conceptually, FUZEnation is … Continue reading

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Steven Tyler Says Aerosmith Is Going on Farewell Tour Next Year – but Don’t Call It a Breakup

BY ADAM CARLSON AND MARIA MERCEDES LARA Aerosmith frontman Steven Tyler confirmed earlier this week the band is planning a farewell tour for 2017, telling Howard Stern on Tuesday, “I love this band, I really do, and I want to squash every thought that anybody might have about this: The band’s over.” “We’re doing a farewell tour, but it’s only because it’s time,” Tyler, 68, said. The radio host made Tyler confirm it: Did he mean “farewell” as in the … Continue reading