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My ultimate vision for the Chicane Group is to position groups of the best professionals to work with according to each project or client and align them under one entity. It is driven by client, show, project, and event. Chicane Group stands for customized strategy, and hand-picked professionals perfect for each situation. I believe you must be passionate about what you work on, and we won’t work on something just for the buck.

I had been obsessively brainstorming company names with no satisfaction. While working the Oscar’s, I arrived early on show day Sunday with the sun shining over the red carpet and hot beverage in hand. Positive energy filled the campus over Hollywood Blvd. and the Kodak Theatre. It was a good day with amazingly creative and talented people all under one roof. As I kept hearing the word “chicane” over my radio I knew it had to be the name of my new company. I googled it to see if it would make sense and was instantly sold.

A “chicane” is a rock structure, sometimes cement, that is placed throughout a road or race and forces direction. It shifts the course. It lets you know where to drive and where not to drive. That’s who we are…a rock solid structure with a pretty name. I like that.

The next day, I told my Kabbalah adviser the name of the company. He said “You’re onto something! It sounds like the word Shekinah in Hebrew.”¬† The word Shekinah in Hebrew means the light fell or dwells upon this. Another meaning I found is “the overwhelming feminine presence of God.” Double sold!

Chicane Group is positioned with partnerships of utmost reputation and prestige and endless resources and companies that we work with very closely to service our clients in various ways.

Rebecca Lambrecht
Founder & Chief Visionary Officer, Chicane Group

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