Chicane Group

"The chicane is a prime location for overtaking during a race."

Talent & Artist Management


Most importantly, a management relationship must be one of utmost trust, guidance, and a clear understanding of the artist or personality’s character, brand, and individuality. Management involves obtaining and achieving a series of streamlined goals. In doing so, we drive the client and their entire team from point A to point Z providing dynamic perpetual movement tailored to that particular client’s needs. We hold high standards for all of our clients and a high level of communication throughout each team including but not limited to publicists, attorneys, record labels, studio executives, producers, assistants, security, tour staff, agents, and family members.


We do not believe in a stone aged formula that promotes a standard management agreement. Every situation and client is different, so every contract should be different also to a certain degree.


Pigeon holing? Not for us…If we are passionate about the project and truly believe in the client then that’s our niche regardless if you are a musician, personality, film actor, comedian, stylist, you tube phenomenon or painter. And of course, we have to hold high respect for each other and actually enjoy working together.


Timeliness is next to Godliness as far as we are concerned and although we focus on the big picture career, we also focus on the details and the steps that lay immediately before us.

Let us take you to the next level the smart way.

We realize that RIGHT NOW is your time to shine.