Chicane Group

"Faster cars will take the chicane, but slower cars may avoid the chicane depending on individual strategy.”

Consulting for Talent, Artists, Brands, and Professionals


There are many empowered and capable people out there who can do the work by themselves and succeed.  But everyone needs help along the way and we’re happy to throw in our two cents here and there if that’s what you prefer.

Entertainment is a collaboration of constant and evolving ideas, immeasurable amounts of talent, and over a million personalities per project; sometimes even in one individual. Its a science of egos, urgency, strategy, timing, juggling, and intuition mixed with an extensive collection of art mediums and ever changing technology. At Chicane Group, we analyze the current status of each project, and incorporate clear direction and creative tactics to achieve the most favourable end results possible and ultimate success for our variation of clients. We drive a perpetual vehicle and maneuver the route as necessary according to our clients’ needs, goals, visions and budgets. We activate endless relationships, creative resources and innovative ideas on a daily basis. We connect people.

Questions we get from artists:
What lawyer should I use? Does this deal look right? Are they ripping me off? Where do I start? How does this work? Is this legit? Is this a good idea? Do I use this photo or put this material out first? Do I need an agent? What do I do now? How do I put together a performance budget? I know I’m the best dancer and singer, but can’t seem to break in…How do I do it myself?

Questions we get from individuals and companies:
What is [insert newest social media platform here]? How do I effectively use hash tags and mentions on twitter to gain more followers? How do I brand this client better? Do you have an actor or musician that could be the face of my new campaign? What production company or events company should I use? What are the most important social media tools? How do I gain a sponsor for this event? How do I use music marketing to brand my company? How do I get celebrities to wear my clothes?

Questions we get from entertainment professionals and college students:
PLEASE help me find a better job!? I don’t have any money and don’t know anyone in the business, how do I start? Where should I live in LA? Everyone has more experience than me, but I know I can do it, how do I land the position? How do I get in touch with them? What am I qualified for?


*Customized budgets for your individual project
*Reduced rates for students, military personnel, and non-profit organizations